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Peter Torr - MSFT

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One of the benefits of this forum system is that posts can be marked as "the answer" once the original question is answered. This makes it easier for people to find solutions quickly.

Once the original question is answered, people quite often have follow-on questions (or related questions) that they also wish to get answered. The logical thing to do is of course to keep replying to the same thread, but this presents a problem: because only one post can be marked as the answer in a thread, all the follow-on questions-and-answers get "lost" to a casual reader. They will see the thread topic, see the post marked as the answer, and not look any further. Even readers who look further into the thread will never know which of the posts was considered the answer because no further posts can be so marked.

Thus it is best to ask any new questions in a new thread so they can have their own "answer" marked in the system. This will enable the community to get the full benefit of the forum.


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