Visual Studio Team System  
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PIN and UNPIN event migration problem 4  Gary zhuo 648  Robert Horvick MSFT
Ho do I play mpeg files in my VBE app, and what is the code for the Login.vb form. 2  Stojance 651  spotty
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Resize form when screen resolution changes. 3  MyLady 665  ReneeC
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Official data about overhead and performances of Team Foundation Server 2  paolod 691  Richard Berg MSFT
SDM Industry Support 4  Stef Shoffren 697  Rob Caron MSFT
Team Build Browser 3  Heng-yi Liu 699  Buck Hodges
Navigation around Project Portal hindered by repeated display of Domain Login Prompt 5  David Kelsall 720  David Kelsall
Merge error: TF14087 "Not all of the deletion is being undeleted" 5  mtower 767  Richard Berg MSFT
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