Software Development for Windows Vista  
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IQueryCancelAutoPlay::AllowAutoPlay is not called for volumes in external hard drive 2  patria 946  Chivs
Elevating a process / querying elevation status (LUA/UAC) 1  Relja Markovic 954  HermannS
Problem with MSAA and C# 2  Bartek 985  Marco Achtziger
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how to encrypt/decrypt avi on the fly ? 4  Hamed_1983 510  LGS
Dependency Property 7  jbearfoot 590  Brennon
Using a Workflow by a Windows and a Web Application at the same time 12  Fekih Mehdi 768  erwrwer
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Workflow designer debugging does not work 6  Cory.Isakson 103  Ramapan
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Attaching to a file as it is being encoded 7  Eric Wirch 281  LGS
Bookmarks in the EventLog API 0  leonidv 642  leonidv
Customizing state and adding eventdriven activities at runtime 2  Bravo2007 768  Matt Milner - Pluralsight
detecting workflow runtime running in an appdomain 1  Bravo2007 776  Jon Flanders
Customizing state and adding eventdriven activities at runtimeH 2  Bravo2007 914  Matt Milner - Pluralsight
Intel 945pm Express Chipset on Vista 5308~~no sound!! 3  MarkChu 937  clark121121
ISA Firewall Client 6  Slawza 61  thierryb
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How do you host WWF 3.0 as a webservice (instead of using ASP.NET as a host)? 14  John Portnov 264  Matt Winkler -- MSFT