Announcing the Cider June CTP! (for the .Net Framework 3.0 June CTP Release)  
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The June Community Technology Preview of the Cider Visual Designer for Windows Presentation Foundation is now available! As usual Cider is being released as part of the Visual Studio Code Name 'Orcas' CTP, an early preview of technology for the next release of Visual Studio.

Similarly to the previous CTP, this release of Cider supports basic "form" creation/layout and "XAML Preview". The primary focus for our June CTP is to release an updated Visual Studio toolset that is compatible with the new .Net Framework 3.0 June CTP.

The major updates you should expect to see in this CTP are:

  • Compatibility with .Net Framework 3.0 June CTP.
  • Improvements to XAML Parsing and Rendering - like XML Data Island support. (Note: There are still some limitations you should expect to see with our XAML Load support. Check out the release notes on the Cider Wiki for details.)
  • Architectural and Quality improvements - This includes critical bug fixes reported since the May CTP and another round of architectural improvements that increase the overall quality and reliability of our current features.

In case you didn’t get a chance to check out the May CTP, these are some of the other features you’ll get in this CTP of Cider:

  • Delete Key support! You can now delete items from your design surface.
  • Support for basic Cut, Copy, and Paste.
  • Much improved Grid Layout Experience. This includes better layout support and better feedback on control creation and manipulation within the Grid.
  • Support for 64bit Operating Systems.

We have release notes and installation information published on the Cider Wiki.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that the capabilities in this CTP will provide you with a good experience for trying out WPF application development in Visual Studio. So we’re really interested in your feedback. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or post comments.

The Cider Team

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