Javascript causes Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol to break  
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Internet Explorer / IE >> Javascript causes Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol to break

I have an asynchronous pluggable protocol that measures load times for
each item that IE7 downloads. For some reason, on the page ,
the items that it measures stop after encountering some javascript on
the page.

The offending javascript is this:

<script type="text/javascript"> = 'instyle';
s_time.pageName = 'instyle|home';
s_time.prop16 = 'home';

s_time.prop17 = location.href;

if (typeof(catsCSV) == "string") s_time.prop13 = catsCSV;
if (typeof(omnitureHookFunction) == "function")
var s_code=s_time.t();if(s_code)document.write(s_code);

and specifically the line: var s_code=s_time.t();

If I remove that line, the APP records load times for 120+ items but
if that code is put back in, the APP can only see items that are
listed before that point in the HTML.

Anyone have any insights into this problem? Any help would be
appreciated. Thanks.

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