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Thanks garfield for your time - tried all possible solution as suggested
below. However the main message i get is that a small icon apperas "Microsoft
Ofice 2000 Premium"; The feature you are trying to use is on a network
resource that is unavailable

Click OK to try again, or enter an alternative path to a folder containing
the installation package 'DATA1.MSI' in the box below:

Use source: (option are)
i. \\Compu-print\d\_New Pro's\Office 2000\
ii. Microsoft Office 2000 Premium

But does not list the DATA as an option. Again it does appear on Add/Remove
- have tried the option of "Change" - then "repair" same thing happens - I
can open a word/excel document if I go into my computer then locate on C
drive alot of erorr message appears but some how dealts & opens a word doc -
Ive tried the "Help" option on Microsoft- "Detect & Repair" again the above
message appears.

There is one thing I havent tried which is the Office 2000 CD - Ive had the
comp over 3yrs and cant locate the CD - is there any other possible ways I
re-install without CD

Kind Regards

Sonic : )