An easy way to burn Windows Vista Beta 2 and installing.  
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Hello folks,

I had been beating my brains out trying to figure out how to succussfully get the Windows Vista ISO image onto the DVD. I finally got it all into the works. I am going to lay out the step-by-step form here and this is worth to print them out to use for instructions. Microsoft Windows Beta Team might want to take note on this when I discuss about the type of DVD and software to use to burn Windows Vista Beta 2 on. Here is the instruction:

First, here is the link for an easy to understand website and it is an excellent site. .

This guy here got a little side-tracked about DVD burning so, I will give a clear instruction on how to do it. He is right about that you should download the Nero Burning Rom Software. I do highly recommend it. The type of DVD they recommended is a DVD\RW, (Microsoft Vista Team Note:) but I used this one, DVD+R and it worked! I would recommend that you use the DVD+R instead. Once you have that in place, here's what you do, At the main menu, in the top center, select DVD then click on "Make Data DVD". Next, you want to click on "Add". then, find the destination where you downloaded the Vista Beta 2 ISO image and click the "Add" button, then click "Next" button and finally click on the "Burn" button. Nero will then be able to read the ISO image and convert it into Windows Vista Beta2 setup files. After the burning is completed, now you can be able to load it on to a fresh clean hard drive as you would normally do with the recent Windows XP versions.

Hopefully this works for you and that you won't have any trouble with it. What I have said above is exactly how I did it and it did work! Have fun and good luck!

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