Hi people views once what I received:  
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Exchange Servers >> Hi people views once what I received:

Hi people views once what I received:

Money salary - program

Sincerely welcome to the money salary program
I more closely would like to bring you a money salary program, that you
helps along to earn not only money, but rather you also information
Gives, use bring that you large.
Additional to the money salary you get insider - knowledge per mail
supplies and furnishes that you shows, your work time-saving to

Brevity information:
- Money salary -
- Life wisdoms -
- Possibilities for time-saving measures (Time-management) -
- Possibilities of cost-free Advertised-measures -

That are some of the information on which you can be happy.

Register simply now in the mail-list.
The registration costs you only 10 Euros / 10 US - dollar or 10 BP (British
Pounds / sterling)
You have now 2 possibilities to let register in the mail - list:

# 1) Registration per Paypal - transfer
# 2) Registration per postal service shipment

Decide on one both options:

# 1) registration per Paypal:
An internet - money transfer - business is Paypal and has over 96 million
Web page of Paypal:

and choose your Country

- Select in use-purpose: " Service "
- Write in E-mail-reference: " Mail - list "

Then send 10 Euro / 10 US - dollar OR 10 BP (British Pounds / sterling) to
following mail-address:

How to transfer money per Paypal, is on the web page of Paypal
Simply explains.
# 2) registration per postal service shipment:
Take a piece of paper and write following on the empty paper:

" Registration into your mails - list"
+ Your mail-address

Please clearly and readably write
The 10 Euro / 10 US - dollar OR 10 BP (British Pounds / sterling)
fold, exchange cash in each bank, and in newspaper paper or dark paper
Wrap up.
Stick after that both into an envelope, lock well , stamp
send thereon and at following address:

M. Ostura, postbox 4262, D - 24041 Kiel, Germany

After entrance, the registered-confirmation is sent at your mail-address.

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