GetStreamOfSections stops responding after SubmitTuneRequest  
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I'm developing a BDA based TV application using GetStreamOfSections on the standard "MPEG-2 Sections and Tables" filter to retrieve the MPEG2 information tables. Everything works correctly at first, however when I submit a new tune request to the tuner the GetStreamOfSections stops sending data. The symptoms are not consistent - If I am listening to multiple tables then sometimes all of them stop responding. Sometimes only some of them. Similarly, even with 1 table it doesn't alway stop responding, however it does most of the time.

Does anybody have any suggestions on what may be happening and how to avoid it

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PostPosted: DirectShow Development, GetStreamOfSections stops responding after SubmitTuneRequest Top

I had the same problem with GetStreamOfSections.

I solved it, by inserting a separate method for the section filter.

Some codeā€¦.

HRESULT FIL_FilterAddFilter(...){

AfxBeginThread (FIL_ThreadProc, _param);

UINT FIL_ThreadProc( LPVOID lpParam ) {
FIL_GetSection(pid, tid, pPidBuffer, pSizeOfData);

//parse section or
return 0;

HRESULT FIL_GetSection(int pid, int tid, unsigned char* pPidBuffer, int* pSizeOfData){

CComPtr <IMpeg2Stream> pStream;
hr = m_pMPEG->GetStreamOfSections(pid, tid, NULL,

ZeroMemory(&streamBuffer, sizeof(MPEG_STREAM_BUFFER));

streamBuffer.dwDataBufferSize = m_BufferSize;
streamBuffer.pDataBuffer = (BYTE*)m_pDataBuffer;
if FAILED(hr = pStream->SupplyDataBuffer(&streamBuffer)) return E_FAIL;

DWORD dwWait = WaitForSingleObject(m_hScanningStopEvent, 5000);

if (dwWait == WAIT_OBJECT_0){
*pSizeOfData = streamBuffer.dwSizeOfDataRead;
memcpy(pPidBuffer, streamBuffer.pDataBuffer, streamBuffer.dwSizeOfDataRead);

return S_OK;


return E_FAIL; //timeout or something else