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Juan Antonio Servitec

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I'm developing an application in a Pocket PC using VB 2005 to communicate by GSM with some personal devices. The first idea was to create a bluetooth connection between the PPC and a phone to use this with AT commands and make data calls. Creating a serial port in VB2005 and using the COM of the bluetooth connection was succesful and I got a good communication and data transfers. The problem was that using an external phone with bluetooth was a little annoying, so I decided to try the same with a PPC with a GSM phone built-in, the Qtek S200 (with WM5.0) and Qtek 2020i (with WM4.1). In the two cases it seems that the internal GSM is using COM2, but when I try to make AT commands with this port I have no response. I tried with other ports if the COM2 was incorrect but also have no response. There is a way to get access to the internal GSM to use it with AT commands

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PostPosted: .NET Compact Framework, Connect to internal GSM in Pocket PC Top

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