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Now it seems to be and i dont know anything about

GPS or C#, but i am a C programmer (ansi C) um, and i just picked up the 67000 and ran across this site because i am interested in getting the gps going. but i was skimming threw it, and reading what you guys said, and looking at the API lib, could it be possible that theres a link when using EMG911, to GPS that does a IOCTL_SERVICE_START or something like that and STOP when EMG isnt active. i also noticed that its using GPD0, which i would think a new registery vaule needs to be added to use COM*: along with a driver the invokes START, that way in the GPS managing software (you would probably have to write a new management software) you could assign which port for the hardware and which port for the software assigning but i donno nothing so im i talking out my :D

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I assume you're trying to get GPS working on a device that runs the compact framework using C# You seem however, to have linked to a topic on starting services

In either case, this place is rated PG, I'd appreciate it if you could change your user name to something more appropriate.

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AFAIK Sprint did not open AGPS/E911 APIs yet. If you want to use regular GPS (6700 does not have an internal one, so you'll have to get a bluetooth GPS) - there is a GPS sample (C#) in the Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC SDK.

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yeah no problem with the name thing. um, heres the deal, i understand that there is no api doc's on the 6700, but ive been doing some modifications to the kernel, and some software ive downloaded,

i noticed in,

Current Control Set - GPS Intermediate Driver - Drivers - Control Pannel configure -

i was able to change the port of operatings, i know this is supose to be done in enabling the GPS in control pannel but it doesnt look like it saves it properly so i did it manual reset the device now i dont get a "unable to communicate" from the software im using it just freezes i changed it to COM6 and COM1, now when i was reading and looking at the other devices, that you can put in a flag to activate a Service, i belive on gps is 2 for startup init, and 1 active. so im thinking that my gps isnt active and is only active when 911 is called(im assuming dll activates it "not much of a windows programmer so dont know how that works linux guy myself") so im thinking if i add a under services (because gps is considered a service even tho its hardware) and i activate it with a dword (which ill have to cross referance to see what that is) it might work.. and if it doesnt i hope this might raise a few questions. because i do know that the phone has GPS from the research ive done so far , and my understanding everyone thats saying it doesnt that you need another chip is trying to protect the technology but im not taking my device apart to realy find out so. *who knows*


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Dear espionage,
you wrote, that you found reference for dword. Can you help me to find reference for IOCTL_SERVICE_REFRESH I hadn't found it in header files :(there is just definition with some macro, which I don't understand).
Finally, I need to call IOCTL_SERVICE_REFRESH on GPD0: using function DeviceIoControl from core.dll, which I "dllimported". So I need declare and define IOCTL_SERVICE_REFRESH in case to use it in DeviceIoControl as a parameter.

I am using C#
Sorry my bad english...
Thank you very much for your reply!