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MFC >> msdev /MAKE does not use given build configuration

hi all,

we have a strange situation here. i call

msdev myApp.dsp /MAKE /REBUILD "myApp - Win32 release"

and msdev starts to use the debug config:

Erstellung von Standardziel: myApp - Win32 debug
Temporäre Dateien und Ausgabedateien f?r "myApp - Win32 debug" werden
--------------------Konfiguration: myApp - Win32 debug--------------------

there is no dsw existing at this time ! when i start msdevin GUI mode, and
open myApp.dsw
the default build config is debug.. but i dont care about that, when i start
an interactive build
of my sources i can switch to release mode and everything's fine. but i have
to compile in
batch/console mode

how can i set my default build config to release without changing all my dsp
(just about 600 of them !) ?
and why does msdev ignores my given build config when i start msdev using
the command line ?

thanks in advance !



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