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Running Ver 6.0 and need help docs as somehow they are no longer working on my system.

Also what I'm looking for is how to link in INDEXes

It have two tables:

mine.dbf and mine.edb with indexes of mine.ddx and mine.edx

First .dbf is contact info, but email resides in the .edb file.

Need a join on this, through the idexes to port to new table.

All help appreciated!


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Tamar E. Granor

PostPosted: Visual FoxPro General, Two Things >>Index<< and >>Help Docs<< Top

In VFP 6, the Help was installed as part of MSDN. You should have a separate CD that lets you install Help.

As for your other question, I strongly recommend that you don't use alternate extensions for tables. Make your changes in the filestem, not the extension. Trying to maintain indexes with an extension other than CDX isn't worth the effort. When you use MyTable.DBF with indexes stored in MyTable.CDX, VFP does all the work for you to keep the indexes up to date.

When you have two related tables like you describe, typically you join them based on the primary key. What exactly are you trying to accomplish