Problems installing Business Scorecard Manager  
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Martin Booth

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I am trying to install Business Scorecard Manager on a windows 2003 server, with the standard edition of SQL server 2005 installed.

I have followed the instructions in the readme, and I have read all the advice in another thread in this forum: ;SiteID=1

The failing dependency I have is:

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Notification Services 2.0 SP1 with Engine Components and SQL XML 3.0 (SP3)

I have not installed the notification services service pack for SQL server 2000 as one person mentioned he had done (in conjunction with msde I think) because I don't have server 2000, and it won't let me installed the database components of it anyway.

I have SQL server 2005 notification components installed, and all other dependencies are satisfied (having followed the instructions in the readme)

Is it therefore impossible to install this without installing SQL server 2000 as others have done in the other thread

If it is possible to install this with SQL server 2005 installed alone, how can I get past this stage in the setup

Thanks in advance


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