no banner text in month view in pocket outlook?  
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PocketPC >> no banner text in month view in pocket outlook?

I travel extensively and need pocket outlook to display all day event
banners in monthly view to display where i will be in a given month.
Outlook on my PC does this nicely but when I sync with my sprint HTC
Mogul running WM6 it does not display banners in monthly view. What
WM6 does is display squares to represent all day event but not text.
What the heck are sqaures supposed to tell me? It doesnt tell me what
city ill be in or what stage of a project it is.

What I desperately need is for pocket outlook to display recurring
daily events like the example I found here

I have tried several third party pieces of software including

Agenda Fusion
and several others whose name i cant remember

I was a palm user and I was using a product called dateman for palmOS
which allowed me to display all day event banners in month view. Im
really missing my palm about now. The only reason I switched to WM6
was well it sounds stupid but I just assumed that pocket outlook would
have much of the same functionality as full blown outlook.

If pocket outlook cant do this then could someone please recomend some
software that will?