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SVCS >> More then 3 groups, toggle items and page breaks


I have created a report that has 4 Groups in a Table (shown below), each
with summary information displayed in other columns. The Detail row in the
Table is not used and is set to hidden.

- Office
- Sign Up Month
- Referrer Type
- Referrer Name

Each Group starts off as Hidden and the Toggle Item is linked to the Group
directly above.

When I preview the report to the screen I am presented with 4 Offices.

+ Brisbane
+ Gold Coast
+ Melbourne
+ Sydney

My issue is that Sydney is pushed onto a second page even though I only have
3 rows of data on the first page.

If I remove the Referrer Name Group and put the Referrer Name data in the
Detail row and unhide the Detail row, which means that I now have multiple
referrer details displayed, the report will work fine!! That is, the 4
offices noted above all appear on one page when previewing the report to the

My deduction is that there is an issue with Reporting Services if you use
Toggle Items and more than 3 Groups in a Table.

Has anyone else come across this issue and have you found a way around it?

Your response will be much appreciated.

Information Technology23