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SQL Server Developer >> Parsing Error using SqlCe???

Question for the gurus out there.

After struggling with the Replication issues (Which I finally
overcame yesterday!!!!!), in debugging the application, I have come
across this error:

There was an error parsing the query.[Token line numer, token line
number, token in error,,].

I traced the error to this sql statement in my program:

"Select [Index] as expr1, PullStationList as expr2 from Stations
Where ([Index] = " & ThisStationID & ")"

Okay, now when I run this statement in Enterprise manager (Sql Server
2k, sp3) this works and I get the correct result. But when I run this
using SqlCe 2.0, I get the error. Any ideas?

Is it the fact that I am using the Index?

Thanks in advace,



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