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Hi everyone!

I'm trying to write application to work with dvd disks recorded with camcoder. Its quite simple all i want it to do is to save save selected chapter to disk and encode it. To make it more convenient encoding will be done in 2 steps :

  1. copy selected chapter/title to the disk
  2. encode file in backgroup thread or even by service

And here is the problem - i need copying to be performed as fast as possible, but using DVDNavigator i couldnt do that - when i tried PlayForward with high speed but i get a rapid clip. I also tried SetSyncSource(null) but i get empty file.

Does anyone have any idea about how to do that

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Set the clock to NULL using the IMediaFilter::SetSyncSource method on the DirectShow filter graph manager. This will tell the graph to process as fast as possible.

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