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I had installed CSF 3.0 Dev version except Service catalog component (Since i don't have Platform SDK). Now i installed Platform SDK. I can able to see the following entry in the Add Remove Programs

Microsoft Platform SDK (R2) (3790.2075) size 951.00MB

Even though, I'm getting "Optional Pre-requistes Platform SDK missing" message when i try to install Service Catalog component. I uninstalled all the components and re-installed. But i couldn't make Service Catalog component is running. I already installed UDDI for CSF 2.5 itself. I didn't change anything for CSF 3.0.

1. What are the possible issues

2. How to verify Service Catalog is successfully installed (Will Virtual Directory be created )

Could any one help me out



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Vasu - I am not sure which version of Platform SDK you tried to install. In any case if you install the one downloaded from the following location, then you will be able to install Service catalog correctly. FamilyId=484269E2-3B89-47E3-8EB7-1F2BE6D7123A&displaylang=en

Also you need to make sure you chose the option "Do not require SSL" when you install UDDI. I think it defaults to require SSL.

To verify whether Service Catalog is indeed installed correctly you could query for the WSDL

using http://localhost/ServiceCatalog30/ServiceCatalog.ashx

You could also verify whether the UDDI is installed correctly by browing the http://localhost/UDDI/

You should be able to see the Service Provider with name "Connected Services Framework".