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I'm little bit of confusion about the usage of User Service Mapping in Profile Manager.

Let me explain one scenario:

I have user1 and service1. Session uses IDM to fetch secondary credentials of service1 in order to communicate with it. Working fine. But i don't have User Service Mapping(Profile Manager) between user1 and service1.

Could you please explain the scenario where we need to use User Service Mapping



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User to Service mapping (USM) is used in scenarios where you need to know which are the services the user has subscribed to / provisioned to.

Inside CSF, Profile Integrator uses that information. Let me explain this with a scenario.

User X has been provisioned for Service X, Y and Z. Also we have some profile information like Address, Phone # etc stored in the Profile Manager.

When User X updates the Address information, ProfileManager generates an event which is subscribed by the ProfileIntegrator (PI). Now PI goes back to the ProfileManager to read the User-to-Service mapping and then propogate the profile changes to all the three services X, Y and Z.

It could also be used in some other context. Let us say A service may need an extra piece of information like your LastName besides the Username and password in the message when talking to the service. You could use the ServiceContext field in the USM to store that kind of information and use it whenever you need to talk to that service.

Note: Session will not go to USM to read this information because this is specific to a solution. So you could build that logic in the Service Logic.