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I am sure that this is not the most suitable field to post my problem,but I couldn't find something to match better...Sorry for that and I continue now with the problem.
I have in my laptop Windows Xp Professional and have installed the Greek Language (I am Greek :-) )
Everything work propertly except notepad..It doesn't recognise the greek language and appears something like undefined ASCII characters...But I do not have this problem with other applications such Office Word and Wordpad..
What can I do I really use often Windows notepad..It is very helpful for me...Thanks a lot...I wait your help !!!


Garrett McGowan MSFT

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Hi Nikos. While most fonts should work with Greek characters automatically (at least via font-linking), you might need to change Notepad's font settings. To do this, navigate to the Format menu item and select 'Font...'. On the Font dialog, choose Courier New and set the Script drop-down selection to 'Greek'.

If that doesn't help, then you may be dealing with a system locale issue. If it's an existing, non-Unicode file containing Greek characters, but the system locale isn't set to Greek, then the characters will be misinterpreted on loading the file. You can check this setting by going to Start/Control Panel/Regional and Language Options. If you are running under an Administrator account, you should be able to see the Advanced tab. The setting you want is 'Language for non-Unicode programs'. This value should be set to 'Greek' if you want the default codepage to be Greek.

In either case, once a file is successfully loaded in Notepad, you have the option of saving it out with Unicode or UTF-8. This would prevent future cross-codepage loading issues.


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Hey Garrett,

I am so silly :-) .The problem was on the selection of font....Now it is ok..Thanks for your help