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Dotnet >> Migration from XP to pocket PC 2003

Following our conversation here are my questions:

I would like to migrate an application that runs on
windows XP to PDA.
I would like to use pocket PC 2003 in order to get support
for VOIP
My questions are:
1. Does pocket PC 2003 implements WINRTP ? Can I use a
proprietry signalling protocol on top of it?
2. This project also involves the using of Microsoft
outlook tools We are writing forms and their code in VB
script . We are also interfacing with External DLLs
(Microsoft dlls
and proprietary DLLs) from the outlook. We are handling
incoming message with VBA code and macros.
Could you please let me know if we can use our
VBAproject.OTM file for the VBA . Will the VB scripts work
on pOCKET PC 2003? Or should we re-write our
code. Are there any restrictions in developing on top of
POCKET pc 2003
outlook comparing to developing on windows XP outlook.
3. Is there a support for ADO ?