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Net Framework >> Searching for SerialPort class alternative

I have problems with .NET framework SerialPort class. First I had problems
with data received event. Than I have changed form event to thread which
checks for data every 100 my. Now after a while the components stops
receiving characters. I suspect that the problem is in framework and because
to verify this I would like to know if someone could give me me a hint of
alternative class that could be used for serial port communication.

I do need simple class that would support:
- opening and closing serial port
- sending string
- data received event and data read

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 03 23:22:07 CST 2008 Top

Net Framework >> Searching for SerialPort class alternative Hello Simon,

The article
provides an example of how to use the SerialPort control in .NET.

Apart from the .NET built-in serial communication support library, here are
some alternative classes:

Serial Communications : The .NET Way

Use P/Invoke to Develop a .NET Base Class Library for Serial Device

Hope it helps.

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